Weekly DVD Picks – Tuesday, May 17, 2005

If you plan to watch videos at home this week, these
are the latest choices. I won’t be watching much at
home until Friday, what with Star Wars: Episode
coming out on Thursday and all.

First, the genre releases:

Now, the non-genre releases:

  • Cheers:
    : Man, I loved this show. This season still
    had Dianne
    Chambers, though, so it’s not the best one to
  • Kinsey
    Disc Special Edition)
    : This was a well reviewed
    movie that I
    haven’t gotten around to seeing.
  • Scrubs
    – The
    Complete First Season
    : Another well respected
    sitcom that I’ve
    never watched.
  • Seinfeld

    Complete Fourth Season
    : I loved this show in its
    run, but I just
    don’t see myself buying it on DVD.
  • The
    Bart Wars
    : Two days before Star Wars: Episode
    theaters, Fox is releasing this collection with
    Star Wars
    cover art and a few episodes that are almost
    completely unrelated to
    Star Wars itself. (One is Mark Hamill’s
    guest shot. The
    others have no Star Wars connection I’m aware
    of.) If you’ve
    been getting the season sets, you’ve got half of these
  • Six
    Feet Under
    – Complete Third Season
    : Another well reviewed
    show I’ve never
    seen. There seem to be a lot of those.

Finally, the pick of the week. The
Steve McQueen
contains some of the best of a good
career. The
Great Escape
and The Magnificent Seven
are included
here, as are Junior Bonner and the original
version of
The Thomas Crown Affair.

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  1. White Noise
    White Noise was pretty good, say 3/5. It built tension through-out the movie and didn’t really let go until the end. There were a few creepy bits but it thankfully didn’t go for gore (rare these days). There were, however, a few leaps of faith that stretched it a bit far, but they didn’t completely destroy the movie. The acting was also pretty good.

    Worth seeing.


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