The end is coming…

Terra Prime

Cast & Crew

Director: Marvin V. Rush
Teleplay By: Judith Reeves-Stevens & Garfield Reeves-Stevens and Manny Coto
Story By: Judith Reeves-Stevens & Garfield Reeves-Stevens and Andre Bormanis

Scott Bakula as Jonathan Archer
Connor Trinneer as Charles “Trip” Tucker III
Jolene Blalock as T’Pol
Dominic Keating as Malcolm Reed
Anthony Montgomery as Travis Mayweather
Linda Park as Hoshi Sato
John Billingsley as Dr. Phlox

Guest Cast
Peter Weller as John Frederick Paxton
Harry Groener as Nathan Samuels
Gary Graham as Soval
Eric Pierpoint as Harris
Adam Clark as Josiah
Peter Mensah as Greaves
Johanna Watts as Gannet Brooks
Derek Magyar as Kelby
Joel Swetow as Thoris
Josh Holt as Ensign Masaro
Amy Rohren as Tactical Officer

Episode Information

Originally Aired: May 13, 2004
Season: Four
Episode: Twenty-One
Production: 097

What Happened

In the first steps towards the foundation of the Federation, Captain Archer and the crew must stop Paxton, a well-armed, radical human isolationist leader, who is threatening to destroy Starfleet Command unless all aliens leave Earth immediately.


Much better than last week, but still could have used a little more. Guess it suffered most from the poor set up from last week.

High Point

  • Whoa, when did Hoshi grow a pair?
  • The child’s final fate. OK, so it wasn’t a “high” point, but it was good drama.

Low Point

  • OK, so Hoshi borrowed some, cause she’s in tears moments later.
  • So the slut’s Starfleet intelligence and not a terrorist? Hmm, don’t care.
  • “I didn’t mean to hurt anyone” ZAP! Who was that and why should we care?
  • “Terra Prime Forever” Lame.

The Scores

Originality: Nothing new to Star Trek about tackling racism, but it seems to have lost some of its bite along the way. 3 out of 6.

Effects: A flying building? Someone’s been watching too much anime. 5 out of 6.

Story: I’m sure the writers were trying for a more 9/11 approach to xenophobia, but it really doesn’t come off. Still a decent story, but not as much punch as I’d like. 4 out of 6.

Acting: Weller is creepy as all get out. 5 out of 6.

Emotional Response: Some good drama at the end. 5 out of 6.

Production: Lunar sets are nice and dirty. 5 out of 6

Overall: I get the feeling the cast just isn’t into this anymore. They aren’t really trying too hard for their perfomances. I can’t say I blame them. 3 out of 6.

Total: 30 out of 42