The major networks have announced their primetime
schedules for the fall portion of the 2005-2006
season. I threw together a programming grid and
posted it here.
Confirmed new shows are listed in italics. Some
interesting changes, which I’ll discuss further below.


The West Wing moved to Sunday nights, where
it’s up against Fox animation and Desperate
. Not much of genre interest here.


Monday has a few new dramas and comedies. It’s the
new home of Arrested Development, but nothing
else here catches my eye.


There is one new genre show cropping up on Tuesday.
The WB is launching Supernatural, a show that
seems to have a lot to do with genetic memory.


First of all, Smallville got moved to a
different night. (More on that later.) Lost
didn’t, and it’s going head-to-head against The
Apprentice: Martha Stewart
. Lost is
also the lead-in for Invasion, which may have
genre elements in it.


Smallville finds its new home here for its
fifth season, up against Joey, The
, Survivor, and the new The Night
. Don’t expect Smallville to
have a sixth season. This smells like a setup; I
swear the WB plans to end it after season five as they
did with Angel, so they put it where it will
get the kind of ratings needed to justify said
cancellation. I’m glad I can record two shows at
once, since I plan to watch The Night Stalker
as well. (I’ve even got the multiple time zone feeds,
so that shouldn’t be a problem.) Alias is
also on this night, and it is the lead-in for The
Night Stalker


Friday has a few new sitcoms and one hour shows.
These may interest some people, but none really catch
my attention.


Saturday seems to be the night the networks don’t
expect people to be home. UPN and The WB don’t even
have set schedules for this night, and CBS has blocked
off two hours for “repeats.”

So, that’s the schedule. Are there any new (or old)
genre shows you want us to review?