Weekly DVD Picks – Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The summer boom approaches.

First, the genre releases:

Now, the non-genre releases:

Finally, the pick of the week. If you’ve been reading
this column a
while, you won’t be surprised: Batman:
The Animated
Series Vol. 3
will complete the run of the
Dini/Timm series on
DVD. Now this is great animated Batman. The
first two
volumes were picks of the week, and they were very
well done. I’ve
preordered my copy of this one, and hope to have a
review ready in
time for the Batman theme week we have
leading up to
Batman Begins in June.

2 replies on “Weekly DVD Picks – Tuesday, May 24, 2005”

  1. genre
    Huh, I would have thought that a show abut a really cool helicopter might have been part of the whole “genre” thing… as ill defined and vague as that is : )

    Hollywood’s “really cool” gauge often pushes out into the realm of the barely believable, if not sometimes outright fantastic.

  2. Oh Baby, Newsradio
    Not only did I like Newsradio, but I love it. Before Phil Hartman was killed, I thought it was the funniest show on TV (funnier than Seinfeld much of the time). It had the sitcom formula laced with absurdity and really good acting/characters (and my imaginary love affair with Moira Tierney began)…

    And FINALLY I can get Godfather Part II without committing the sin of buying Part III. It’s about bloody time – I’m not collector enough to want that last piece of garbage.

    It came out last week but I picked up and watched Team America: World Police. I found it hilarious but, then again, make enough blow job jokes and I’ll endorse just about anything…although, was it just me or was the uncensored puppet sex just a TAD bit over the line (it went from funny to hilarious to grossing me out)? Anyway, definitely worth a view by anyone who liked South Park: BLUC.

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