Battlestar Galactica Streaming For Free

If you want to watch something that makes what’s going on in the outside world look cheery and upbeat, you can dive into the BSG reboot for free from SyFy. They’re streaming the Mini-series (pilot), all four seasons and the two movies, The Plan and Razor.

We’ll get through this, gang. So say we all.

2 replies on “Battlestar Galactica Streaming For Free”

  1. Get through BSG, you mean?

    I mean, it is easy to get through at the outset, but by the time you get to the end it’s clear that if the Cylons have a plan, they never told the writers.

  2. If you watch until the “mid-season finale” of Season Four, “”Revelations,” you actually get an ending that works. It’s bleak as hell, but it’s a better conclusion, dramatically speaking, than the free-form plotting that follows.

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