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  1. Got my towel and sticking out my thumb! I’m ready to go! (No really, anything to escape the Vogons here in the US).

    • Similar sentiment from the UK. I’d almost settle for some Vogon poetry as part of the deal at this point.


  2. On another note, what might people want to see in this version of the Guide. I’m a huge fan of the 1980s TV series (It introduced me to the HHG2G), and its hilariously low budget was very much part of its charm. I felt the movie had its moments, but it went too far afield– it really had to become a different thing in order to function in its medium. The version could give us something like what we might have imagined while listening to the radio show or reading the novels or, at least, what someone imagined. Hulu has already said it will be updated. Some commentators online have expressed fears that it may be too American, which would be the kiss of death. The original humor is of a particular nature, and that’s the one thing that needs to be preserved for it to work for me.

    Anyone else?

    • Whenever there is a series that builds an immersive world to tell a good story in, and the story finishes, I always want to see “The Next Generation.” Obviously referring to how Gene Roddenberry realized Kirk’s story had been told, so went on to tell another story set in the same universe, which we got to do again and again and again. I want to see the same thing in other Universes, with or without borrowing characters from the original series. We could have a nice story set with D’argo Sun-Crichton somewhere out on the otherwise of the universe, or some new plucky band of pirates trying to evade the Alliance in a Unification War era transport ship. I really enjoyed revisiting a divergent 2019 to find out the effects of a giant squid landing on New York.

      I’d enjoy seeing something like that here, too. H2G2….2. Keep the universe, tone, and style, but tell a new story.

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