The Bureau at ‘Virtual Penguicon’

Michigan’s otherworldly Penguicon, a meeting of SF/Fantasy/Techie/Open Source and other interests, has, like other Cons, been cancelled for 2020. However, it lives on this weekend as Virtual Penguicon.

Some events continue as prerecorded videos, while others will be streamed live through various platforms.

I will be participating in two on Saturday, a reading from my forthcoming novel, The Con, and To Boldly Make Discovery in the Expanse AND what would your Space TV Franchise look like?, an examination of current space-faring shows and what we might like to see in the future. The panel features Larry Nemecek, Trek superfan and SF author, actor, editor, archivist, consultant, interviewer, and producer, and Eric Choi, writer, editor, and an aerospace engineer who has worked on several high-profile NASA projects.

It’s free. We hope some of the Bureau42 regulars will turn up online.

Check the site for details. Note that some online elements remain in process and may be incomplete or temporarily unavailable. Here is the Schedule.