Hit It – Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is coming

For the first time, ever, we’ll have three live-action Star Trek shows airing at the same time. Sounds like this one will be a throwback to the old days of a more optimistic look at the future.

Which, frankly, we could use right about now.

5 replies on “Hit It – Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is coming”

    • If they do more episodic stuff, exploring new worlds and embracing the wonders of outer space, I’m all in. I like Discovery, but it’s pacing is too fast to really enjoy the characters or the story. Something slower and old-school would be great right now.

    • At the online panel I ran at virtual Penguicon recently, the general feeling was that an optimistic Trek would be quite welcome about now.

  1. I am so excited for this!!! I have wished for it since Pike started delivering epic lines on Discovery. The character Number One became another favorite (not just because the woman my daughter’s named after originated her) and I think it is very telling that the piece of this I am least interested in for a Star Trek show is Spock.

    While it’s a bad idea to get this excited, I genuinely think this has the potential to be the greatest Star Trek show ever, and I am giggling giddily already.

    Also, Anson has an epic Quarantine beard. That’s impressive.

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