Weekly Comics Discussion – June 8, 2005

The items shipping
this week
include Pulse #9 and
Ultimate Fantastic Four #19, which I’ll be
picking up. Other notables include Fantastic Four
Visionaries: George Perez Vol. 1
, Ultimate
Spider-Man #78
, Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol.
in hardcover, Ultimate Fantastic Four Vol.
3: N-Zone
in paperback, and X-Men: The End
Book Two: Heroes and Martyrs #4
from Marvel. DC
is releasing an assortment of Batman Begins
statues and three issues of Batman titles,
Action Comics #828, Rann Thanagar War
, and the third printing of Villains United

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  1. Star Wars News

    An article on Newsarama details Dark Horse’s plans for its Star Wars comics. Of note is that two of the existing series (Tales and Republic) will be ending. The fate of Star Wars: Empire is uncertain, although it “might” be discontinued at the end of the year.

    Star Wars: Republic will end with issue #83 (currently issue #75 is out). Star Wars Tales will end with #24 (#23 is out).

    Dark Horse refused to give information about what will replace the canceled series (“It is too early to reveal what Dark Horse has planned for after this.”), but they obviously have something in mind.

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