SpaceX/NASA launch, Take Two

Update: The Demo-2 had a successful launch.

The first launch of a crewed spaceship from North America since 2011 was cancelled earlier this week, and hopefully, will happen today at 3:22 EDT / 1922 GMT. If successful, Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley’s journey to the International Space Station will be the first time a privately-owned company has made the trip.

Some additional information and coverage:

These are not great times, and, while some might consider the launch a distraction from more serious matters here on earth, I see nothing wrong with demonstrating that we can do great as well as low things, and that history has moments of triumph alongside the times we will want to (but shouldn’t) forget.

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  1. Spectacular

    —though as a Canadian who recalls the 1980s, I had a double reaction to “Godspeed, Bob and Doug!”

    Take off, eh!

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