Bureau’s Breakroom’s Television Table – Week beginning 2020 July 5

Well, while we are waiting out this surge of new pandemic cases, the television options Dwindle Continually.  We get the second half of Stargirl’s fight against the popular girl and the Doom Patrol gives us the finger.  (You caught the first three episode’s review, right?)  Blindspot gives us a double header to finish their season.  We also get two more episodes of Robot Chicken to watch some adults inappropriately play with their toys.  While your regressing through time, two of the Agents of SHIELD get trapped in the eighties with no sign of a phone booth.  Further back in the past, be sure to stop by the late thirties to visit Perry Mason as he breaks more laws to win their court case.  If that isn’t enough historically inspired fiction for you, head all the way back to the late 18th century and don’t throw away your shot.

[All synopses (and titles) from Trakt.tv below the cut, except when there really aren’t any.  (If a show’s synopsis is a spoiler to you, do not click More…)]

Perry Mason – S01E03 – Chapter Three – In order to gain an advantage over E.B. and team, wily district attorney Maynard Barnes goes public with a shocking new development. Mason and Strickland get unauthorized access to physical evidence with help from Virgil, Mason’s connect at the city morgue. Later, Mason attempts to extract information from a withholding Drake, who’s weary of Holcomb and Ennis’ watchful eyes. Della notices a change in E.B., who seems uncharacteristically out of sorts.

Stargirl – S01E08 – Shiv (2) – After Courtney gets herself into some trouble following an unexpected confrontation, Pat decides they need to come clean to Barbara. Meanwhile, Cindy takes heat from her father after a plan to take matters into her own hands goes awry. Finally, Yolanda, Beth and Rick lead an investigation into one of their own classmates.

Robot Chicken – S010E14 – Buster Olive in: The Monkey Got Closer Overnight – Tyrion Lannister learns the true meaning of winter is coming; Blade tries to slice his way into informercials; Inside Out Boy goes to college; the “Robot Chicken” writers show what happens when “Halloween” meets “Home Alone.”

Robot Chicken – S010E15 – Ghandi Mulholland in: Plastic Doesn’t Get Cancer – [No description given.]

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – S07E07 – The Totally Excellent Adventures of Mack and The D – After being unexpectedly stranded in 1982, Mack retreats to his childhood home to process the death of his parents, while Deke gets to work scouting a chart-topping group of new agents. With no idea if or when the team is coming back for them, time seems to finally be on their side … at least until the killer robots show up.

Doom Patrol – S02E05 – Finger Patrol – Dorothy finds a friend in Baby Doll, while Vic looks to win Roni back. With Rita’s help, Larry finally tries to break the ice with his family.

Blindspot – S05E09 – Brass Tacks – With the surviving members of the team captured and held in FBI custody, Madeline and Ivy are in the final stages of their plan, but a few unlikely allies come out from the woodwork trying to stop her before it’s too late.

Blindspot – S05E10 – Love You to Bits and Bytes – As Ivy races to retrieve the devastating stash of ZIP bombs, the remaining members of the team must rely on the help of a longtime thorn in their side, the very unstable genius Kathy Gustofson. [Series Finale]