September Comic Titles

The latest Diamond Comics Order Form is online. I’ve
been trying to
get a hold of DC’s and Image’s solicitations for the
past few months, but I
haven’t had any response from the company. Marvel and
Dark Horse have
replied and signed me up for the solicitations, so
rather than
continue to wait for DC’s e-mail, I’ll just run with
the solicitations
that get leaked to rec.arts.comics.dc.universe and go
with that.
Anyway, here’s the first monthly column about upcoming
comic products
of interest. Enjoy!

Dark Horse

  • Star Wars X-Wing Rogue Leader #1: This is the
    launch of a new Star
    Wars series.
  • Serenity #3: This is the one I’m looking forward
    to. Covers by
    Middleton (of River), Yu (of Wash) and Phillips (of


  • All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder #2: Frank
    Miller is back
    on Batman in this miniseries.
  • Shazam/Superman: First Thunder #1: The first
    issue in a four
    issue miniseries by Judd Winick and Josh Middleton
    depicting the first
    meeting of Superman and Captain Marvel.
  • Green Lantern #5: I’m quite pleased with most of
    Lantern: Rebirth
    and the first issue of this. (I
    really should
    review Rebirth soon.) I’ll be picking this up.
  • Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #1: Geoff Johns and
    Dave Gibbons
    share the writing credits while Patrick Gleason and
    Christian Alamy
    share the art credits. All I needed to know was that
    this is a five
    issue miniseries with Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, and
    Kilowog rebuilding
    the Green Lantern Corps. I’ll be getting the
  • Green Lantern: Rebirth Hardcover: I still need to
    write the full
    review, but I’d say it’s certainly with the trade
    paperback, but I’m
    not sure about a hardcover. (It’s actually advance
    solicited for
    October.) The first five issues just kept getting
    better, but the
    sixth was a bit of a let-down.
  • Showcase Presents Superman Vol. 1: DC’s newest
    initiative might
    cost me plenty. 560 black and white pages of Silver
    Age comics for
    $16.99. It sounds pretty much like the Marvel
    Essentials line to me,
    kicking off with two volumes that I can’t resist.
  • Showcase Presents Green Lantern Vol. 1: This one
    excites me more
    than the Superman volume. Green Lantern and Flash are
    the two heroes
    that really interest me in the DC Universe, though
    Superman and Batman
    are somewhat tempting. I might give the JLA a shot,
    too, but I doubt
    I’ll get other titles.


  • Exiles #69 and 70: Tony Bedard is joined by Paul
    Pelletier. I’ll
    get the TPB.
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four #23: Continues Mark
    Millar’s run with a
    crossover between the Ultimate and regular Fantastic
    Four. I’ll be
    getting it.
  • Ultimate Secret #3: Continuing after the
    lackluster Ultimate
    Nightmare, this issue marks a change in artist from
    Steve McNiven to
    Tom Raney. I’ll be getting the trade.
  • Ultimate Iron Man #4: Again, I’ll be waiting for
    the trade for
    this Orson Scott Card series.
  • Ultimates 2 #8: More Mark Millar in the Ultimate
  • Ultimate X-Men #63: Brian Vaughan’s run continues,
    with a story
    involving Ultimate Havok. I’m getting this title in
    TPB form now.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #82 and 83: Another title
    where I’ve switched
    to the trades, this one reintroduces Elektra and Black
  • Amazing Spider-Man #524: JMS continues his run.
    I’ve got the
    first three trades sitting unreviewed on my
  • Daredevil #77: Another title where I’ve switched
    to the trades.
    This is also #2 in the five issue arc that will
    complete the
    Bendis/Maleev run on the title.
  • Sentry #1: Written by Paul Jenkins with art by
    John Romita Jr.
    This one is about one of the New Avengers, so I’ll
    take a look at how
    the character works in the team book and decide on
    getting the trade
  • New Avengers #11: This one finally reveals the
    identity of the
    last hero seen in the original artwork for the series.
    Most of us
    were betting on Daredevil, but the solicitations tell
    us that Ronin is
    someone else.
  • The Pulse #11: Bendis and Michael Gaydos reunite
    when Jessica
    Jones finally has her baby.
  • Fantastic Four #531: Another title where I’m
    behind on reviews.
    (There are a lot of those, actually.) JMS is off to a
    good start on
    this so far.
  • Supreme Power: Hyperion #1: The first issue in a
    five issue
    miniseries written by JMS about the lead character of
    . I’m definitely on board.
  • Supreme Power: Nighthawk #1: Written by Daniel Way
    with art by
    Steve Dillon. I’ll give it a shot, mostly based on
    the strength of
    the parent title. I’m hoping it turns out better than
    . (Speaking of overdue reviews…)
  • Marvel Masterworks: Golden Age Human Torch Vol. 1:
    If I could
    afford the Masterworks line, I’d be getting this.
  • Runaways Vol. 4 Digest: I’m happy with the first
    three volumes,
    but I’ve got an expensive month coming in September,
    so I have to cut
    something I want. This didn’t make it this month, but
    I might pick it
    up later.
  • Exiles Vol. 11: Time Breakers: This is a title
    where I’ve switched
    to the trades. I’ll stay on board this title for a
    while longer.
  • Hulk Visionaries: Peter David Vol. 2: I would have
    considered this
    had it been a lighter month, but it just wasn’t the
    highest priority.
  • Essential Spider-Man Vol. 7: I can’t say no to
    Essentials. This
    gets the series up to issue 160.
  • Essential Ghost Rider Vol. 1: Again, I can’t say
    no to
    Essentials. This is the original Ghost Rider, and not
    the revival
    from the 1990s.
  • Squadron Supreme: The fourth printing of this
    miniseries has been
    requested for review, but each printing comes out in a
    month where I
    can’t make space for it. Argh!

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  1. Araña?
    Is this still available? I was getting to like it? Is there a link to the distribution list?

    • Re: Araña?

      Is this still available? I was getting to like it? Is
      there a link to the distribution list?

      Issue nine ships in September. You can find everything on
      the order form at this page,
      though Marvel’s postings of the actual previews text and
      the covers are not included there, or even publically

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