TV Discussion: Away, “Go”

Hilary Swank, Vivian Wu, and Mark Ivanir head the cast of Netflix’s new foray into space, Away. The series depicts the drama surrounding a first crewed mission to Mars. Is anyone watching? Here’s a place to comment.

Reviews of the other space-show that dropped this week, Ridley Scott’s beguiling “Raised by Wolves,” will appear on the weekend.

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  1. So I never even heard of this thing but I figured, hey, a SciFi series with Hillary Swank? Count me in!

    Just finished watching it. And I kind of want 7 hours of my life back. And yes, the show runs for about 10 hours.

    I almost can’t help comparing it to Another Life, which was terrible but at least wasn’t boring. Good god was the pacing of this show horrible.

    And while they got a lot of things right compared to Another Life — for example, some of the science was pretty firm and the crew of the space ship didn’t look like a bunch if Instagram influencers, the science did get kind of bad at times (who the hell hangs tinsel on a space ship???) and apparently nobody did decent psych evals on the crew that supposedly trained together for two years without having any drama come up until the mission actually started. Or physical exams.

    Also it seems like they bought the space ship itself at walmart or something, based on the construction quality.

  2. So… you don’t recommend it?


    I haven’t seen it, but the apparent lack of psych evaluations so we can have Drama in Space has become something of an unwelcome trope.

    • Eh, not really.

      Oh, it later occurred to me that I might have compared this show to For All Mankind. Except that I didn’t even think about that because For All Mankind was fantastic.

      • I haven’t seen either, but your responses square with other things I’ve heard from people I know. I’ve made a note to see For All Mankind when the opportunity arises, and to avoid that other show, despite the involvement of Katee Sackhoff.

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