Dune Trailer Released

Last week saw the release of the trailer for the third adaptation of Frank Herbert’s SF classic, which will be out this December.

Will it do the novel justice? How will it compare to its two predecessors? Does it fill you with more hope and anticipation than any of the recent Star Wars films?

What do the Bureau-cats think?

ALSO: Interesting choice of music. I wonder how the film will sync-up to the soundtrack for The Wizard of Oz.

13 replies on “Dune Trailer Released”

  1. This trailer definitely makes me want to see it, but I have trouble thinking I’m going to be willing to go to a theater to do so.

  2. This trailer was awesome!!! It seemed epic and sweeping. I liked the music choice and a lot of the choices of scenes to tease.

    I think the movie will end shortly after Paul and Jessica meet the Fremen.

    I like most the casting, my biggest wonder is if Zendaya has the chops for a movie like this. I’m not saying she doesn’t but she hasn’t been in a movie quite like this. Chalomet looks great as Paul in the trailer.

    We have one movie that had a great feel, but made a has if the book. We’ve had a miniseries that stayed true to the story, but had less than stellar acting and production. Could this one be the version we’ve been waiting for?

    I do note a comment on the trailer thread though: I shall not hype. Hype is the experience killer….

    Trying hard to not get over hyped, but…. still a bit hyped.

  3. That’s a pretty good description of a pretty widespread response to the two Dunes: the first looks great, but doesn’t do the book justice. The second…. yeah, pretty much what you said. Some of the acting is decent.

    You know, I never watched Euphoria, but people who did immediately picked out Zendaya as a future star. Maybe something like seeing the second season of Trailer Park Boys and realizing that Ellen Page, then a child, was going to leave the show and become a great actor.

  4. I usually avoid trailers like the plague, but it’s not like this one can spoil the plot…

    And if I’m honest I just wanted to see the sand worms. And yeah, they looked pretty damn cool.

    Based on the trailer, this is definitely on my “I’ll watch it when it’s released for the home market” thing.

  5. I’ll watch it at home, but I was happy with the miniseries. I love Mamoa, and since Zendaya was in Spider-Man movies, I am interested in her, but otherwise this feels like a lot of stuff I’ve seen before.

    Also, Pink Floyd’s most scientifically inaccurate song is an odd choice, but works well, here.

  6. I’m in, but I won’t be risking a trip to the theater pre-vaccine. It looks really good. They managed to capture visually the books. And that cast is fantastic. I’m still of the mind that this should have been a mini-series, but I have to admit, this looks promising.

    On a side note: It’s about damned time someone realized that a people that live for generations in a desert aren’t pasty white people.

    • But… but… my old Children’s Bible depicted Jesus as an Aryan hippie! Are you saying… that a devout artist lied to little children? Say it ain’t so!!!

      [/sarcasm tag off]

    • I could easily be wrong here, but I remember in one of my later readings of the series realizing the Attredies are black. The first thing I noticed in the trailer is that they were still unwilling to go there.

      • While race isn’t a significant issue here– we’re far in the future, and might conceptualize race quite differently– I do not recall this. Do you have a line in mind? The first chapter of Dune indicates that Duke Leto has “dark” “olive” skin, which suggests Mediterranean ancestry, and his eyes are “gray.” I believe he traces his ancestry to Greece. Both Lady Jessica and Paul have green eyes, before they start imbibing spice, and Paul has his father’s black hair.

        I think Duncan Idaho is described as having dark skin and curly hair, which may or may not indicate he is Black (or would be so-classified in our society).

      • I think think you are mistaken. There are bits in the next books where Paul reaches back into his history and there are European ancestors there.

        In the end I think this movie gets diverse casting right. The cast is a bunch of varied types of people, like the real world.

        I’m not sure why they gender swapped Liet, but if she’s still related to Chani, it will be no big deal.

  7. I keep hoping for a HBO series for Dune rather than a movie. They need a good Duncan Idaho as he seems to be the common thread through the series.

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