Weekly Comics Discussion – July 6, 2005

NOTE: Due to the July 4 holiday, most retailers in the
U.S.A. will receives shipments on Thursday, July 7
instead of Wednesday, July 6. This week is a bit of
an oddity for another reason: I don’t plan to pick up
anything on the shipping
. DC is offering items such as The Return
of Donna Troy #2
, Superman: The Healing
TPB, and a number of statues based on
Crisis on Infinite Earths. Marvel is
offering Amazing Fantasy #10, Daredevil
vs. Punisher #1 (of 6)
, reprints of Essential
Daredevil Vol. 1
and Essential Iron Man Vol.
, Exiles #66 (which I’ll get in TPB
form later this year), House of M #3 as well
as issues of the spinoff minis for Fantastic
and Iron Man, dollar digests based
on Fantastic Four, Hulk,
Spider-Man, and X-Men, and
Ultimate Spider-Man #79 (which I will also
get in TPB form later this year.)