Charlie Jade and Blues Paddock join forces… And other things.

Title: “Things Unseen”


Jeffrey Pierce as Charlie Jade
Rolanda Marais as Blues Paddock
Tyrone Benskin as Karl Lubinsky
Michelle Burgess as Essa Rompkin
Marie-Julie Rivest as Jasmine/Paula
Patricia McKenzie as Reena
David Dennis as Sew Sew Tukkars
Danny Keogh as Julius Galt


Charlie Jade and Blues Paddock investigate Julius Galt, and we learn just how far Vexcor will go to create pasts for the employees they’ve parachuted into Betaverse. We also learn more about Reena’s programming. Meanwhile, in Alphaverse, Sew Sew Tukkars compromises himself, but in a way which might eventually work to his advantage.

We see no more this week of the enigmatic Man in Black (is there another kind?), and 01 Boxer gets a week off, but a new character, an assassin with an artistic bent, has Jade in her sites.

High Points:

The X-Filesesque investigation into Julius Galt’s past, and the new developments with Reena (which blow away some of my speculations in last week’s discussion) bring us into serious Tinfoil Hat territory.

We also learn, definitively, that Vexcor does not reign unchallenged in the Alphaverse.

Low Point:

Could the assassin have been dressed any more conspicuously? I recognize that this show has strong stylistic elements, but this character might as well have gone into action in a t-shirt emblazoned with Hired Killer and a hat topped with a red flashing light.

The Scores:

Originality: 5/6. The first half of this episode features jarring, choppy editing which captures (I think) a sense of the characters’ perceptions. The show’s experiments with presentation aren’t always successful—the first half was in places confusing– but they are original. The ending also takes an atypical approach to the use of clips from previous episodes.

Effects: 5/6.

Story: 5/6. The last few episodes have given us a much clearer sense of where this story may be heading. The first half of this episode suffers somewhat from its choppiness.

Acting: 6/6.

Emotional Response: 5/6

Production: 6/6.

Overall: 5/6.

In total, “Things Unseen” receives 37/42

Additional Comments

This season features at least one more episode. In addition, a special recap/clip episode, “Can of Worms,” will air on Space July 28.