This week’s shipping
has a grand total of one item I’ll be picking
up, and that’s Ultimates 2 #7. Other
notables include Day of Vengence #4, getting
ready for this October’s Infinite Crisis,
JSA Classified #1, Astonishing X-Men
(which I’ll get in TPB form), Daredevil
(which I’ll get in TPB form), Defenders
#1 (of 5)
(which launches the new miniseries),
Doctor Spectrum: Full Spectrum in TPB form
(which I should get around to reviewing, as I have the
issues; it really doesn’t add much, and certainly
isn’t a “must read”), new printings of Essential
volumes 2 and 3, Exiles #67
(which I’ll get as a TPB), House of M #4,
Marvel Knights 4 #20, The Pulse Vol.
(which I should also get around to reviewing;
it’s not bad, but must work as a companion piece to
the main title), and Ultimate Spider-Man #80
(which I’ll also get in TPB form.)