2 replies on “They’re dead: Jim.”

  1. Darned Shame
    Both of these guys were big parts of my childhood entertainment. I think my favorite Star Trek moments were when Scotty had the conn or when he was drinking, and some of my favorite comic books were drawn by Jim Aparo (I was a particular geek for Batman & The Outsiders – hello Halo!).

    I’ll remember both Jims well…and I think I’m going to go dig out some “Aparo-brand” Batman. :)

  2. RIP, Mr. Doohan
    Many people don’t seem to know about another side of James Doohan that I learned a few years ago. I’m a history lover and I was quite interested to find out that he was a combat wounded veteran (he lost the middle finger of his right hand) during World War II. He was a Captain in the Canadian Artillery and served in the D-Day Invasion.

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