Monthly Comic Picks – October, 2005

The items of interest (to me, anyway) from DC and
Marvel are listed below. These will be listed in
Wednesday’s issue of Previews.

DC Comics

  • Batman: Gotham County #1: This is a three
    miniseries that takes Batman into the suburbs.
  • Arkham Asylum Anniversary Edition HC: A
    hardcover edition
    celebrating the 16th anniversary of the title.
  • Superman in the Forties: A TPB collection
    of the old Man
    of Steel comic strips from newspapers, and from the
    main comic titles.
  • Infinite Crisis #1: The latest Crisis
    finally kicks off.
    Guaranteed seller.
  • Green Lantern : The new series marches
    on with Hal as
    the main Green Lantern of Earth. I’ll be picking this
    one up.
  • Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #2: This is
    a six issue
    miniseries right now, but Johns has said that it will
    be extended to
    an ongoing if sales warrant. It’s another one I’ll be
    picking up.
  • Showcase Presents: Metamorpho Vol. 1:
    DC’s version of the
    Essentials continue. Given my limited shelf space,
    I’ll have to start
    passing on some of these titles, including this

Marvel Comics

  • House of M #8 (of 8): The big summer
    event that promised
    to change the face of the entire Marvel universe ends
    with this
    issue. Half the series has already been published,
    and I haven’t seen
    any impact in the titles I’m reading yet…
  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #1: This
    new series is
    written by Peter David, and pencilled by Mike
    Wieringo. I’d be on
    board for this, but they’ve decided to launch in with
    a twelve part
    story crossing over into all of the Spider-Man titles
    for four
    months. In October, PAD will write this, Marvel
    Spider-Man #19
    , and Amazing Spider-Man
    . Then, in
    November and December, the regular writers on the
    other two titles
    will take turns writing the whole batch.
  • She-Hulk 2 #1: The well reviewed but
    badly selling title
    gets another shot starting this October. Dan Slott is
    back on board
    as writer.
  • Nick Fury’s Howling Commandos #1: A new
    series with a
    group of supernatural commandos that might actually
  • Ultimat Fantastic Four #24: Introducing
    Ultimate Namor.
    I’ll be getting this one, too.
  • Ultimate Secret #4 (of 4): I’ll be
    waiting for the trade,
    collecting all four issues of this miniseries that was
    scheduled to
    begin in January 2005..
  • Ultimate X-Men #64: Vaughan and Immonen
    continue their
    run, with a storyline that crosses over with the
    Ultimates. I’m
    waiting for the trade.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #84: Part six of
    seven in “Gangwar.”
    Once again, I’m waiting for the trade.
  • Daredevil #78: Part three of five in the
    last story arc
    by the Bendis/Maleev team. Still no word on who will
    take over for
    January 2006. I’ll be getting this in TPB form.
  • New Avengers #12: Bendis and Finch
    continue the story arc
    that will add the last regular member to the team.
    I’ll be getting
    this one.
  • Secret War #5 (of 5): The quarterly
    painted series will
    finally wrap up. I have to wonder about the logic of
    a quarterly
    series anyway. It started to run late, and I’m really
    starting to
    lose interest in it. I say they should have waited
    until they had all
    five done before they started soliciting. I’ll still
    be getting it to
    wrap things up, but for the first time in a long
    while, I’m going to
    have to reread the first few issues just to remember
    what the heck the
    story was about in the first place.
  • Fantastic Four #532: JMS and Mike McKone
    wrap up their
    first story arc with this one.
  • Exiles #71: Not even a team of characters
    that jump from
    one dimension to the next can escape a House of M
    tie-in. I’ll be
    waiting for the trade.
  • Supreme Power: Hyperion #2: The character
    piece centered
    around the probable eventual leader of the Squadron
    Supreme, written
    by series creator JMS.
  • Supreme Power: Nighthawk #2: The Batman
    analogue gets his
    own title as well. I’ll be getting both character
    minis by the issue,
    and these will likely be the last Supremeverse titles
    in the MAX
    banner before the Marvel Knights reboot next
  • The Book of Lost Souls #1: An Icon
    imprint title by JMS.
    It seems like a new ongoing, so I plan to wait for the

Somehow, the graphic novel descriptions didn’t make
it into the
electronic version of the solicitations this month, so
I’ll just list
the titles I plan to buy with their titles, but no

  • Essential Werewolf by Night Vol. 1: Yet
    another title in
    the Essential line.
  • Daredevil Vol. 12: Decalogue: From what
    I’ve heard, this
    is the best Bendis has written in a while.
  • Supreme Power Vol. 3: High Command: I
    collect this title
    by the issue rather than in TPB form, so I won’t be
    getting the TPB,
    but I’m pointing it out anyway because the title has
    been so
    impressive so far.
  • X-Men: The End Book Two: Heroes and
    : Part two of
    three for this “epic.” Let’s hope it makes more sense
    than part one.