Weekly Comics Discussion – July 27, 2005

week’s shipping list
has a few items of note that
I’ll be taking home, including Exiles Vol. 10: Age
of Apocalypse
, Fantastic Four #529,
Pulse #10, Pules: House of M Special
(which was solicited with a cover price
of $0.50), and Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 13:
. Also, those of you who have noticed
that the Essential reviews aren’t coming on the most
recently promised schedule may be happy to know that
that’s because I’m working through 40
Years of the Amazing Spider-Man
on CD-ROM, which
will take some time. (It’s an 11 CD-ROM set including
Amazing Fantasy #15 and Amazing
Spider-Man #1-500
, scanned from the original
comics, so it includes all the ads, letters columns,
and so on. The issue of Previews that ships today
includes a 40 Years of the Uncanny X-Men
DVD-ROM with similar offerings which I didn’t mention
as I hadn’t noticed it yet.)