Star Trek Discovery Discussion: “Terra Firma, Part One”

This week delivers a solid dramatic episode, even if the science is pure comic book. Yeoh gets to demonstrate her abilities, David Cronenberg returns, and yes, apparently Remans still exist.

However, as it is Part One of a two-parter, I’m going to post a discussion. We’ll have a full review next week.

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    • Not disappointed, but I did wonder if he was Q continuum. He was vague and annoying enough to be Q. At some point, a gesture towards what the heck the multiple super-beings established in the Trek-iverse have been doing might be interesting.

      Of course, he could also be a future incarnation of the Doctor…. Wait. Wrong franchise. We’ll catch up with that one on New Year’s Day.

      • I desperately want to see The Doctor leave “The Universe” and blast through a thousand other universes, but with the current incarnation and TARDIS appearing, crashing through other great shows, and popping back out.

        “Sir, we picked up … A Police Box? They’re hai–”
        *”Don’t mind me, just passing through,”*

        “… And it’s gone, sir.”

    • Yeah, just a little. Could still be another member of the continuum, but I expect it’s something else entirely since they’ve presumably done this arc for a reason. As for what the other super-beings have been doing, well, it’s only ~100 years or so since The Burn – maybe they just haven’t even noticed that the ants in the sandpit are having some issues yet?

      More interesting to me is that they claimed to only have one other example of someone with the time travel/mirror universe phasing issues on file, yet we saw a similar visual effect on the scientist at the seed vault, so what’s the story (and connection?) there? I guess the scientist *could* have been from the mirror-verse, but being out of time as well seems highly unlikely given the likely vetting to watch over an asset like the vault and the strict adherance to the Temporal Accords. A temporal and/or mirror-verse related cause for The Burn, perhaps?

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