Discovery Discussion: “Su’Kal”

What with Christmas, The Expanse, and Wonder Woman 1984, we didn’t get to Discovery with spore-drive speed. However, this week’s episode, which brings us the possible origin of the Burn, some strong performances by the leads, and a confrontation with the Chain, ends with a cliffhanger. I’ll review both next week. Meanwhile, here’s a place to discuss “Su’Kal” and, as a bonus….

…an entirely unrelated Yuletide news story about a mysterious gingerbread monolith.

3 replies on “Discovery Discussion: “Su’Kal””

  1. It’s a kindov underwhelming reason for the Burn, but at least it isn’t Burnham did it. But we don’t know the whole story yet, so I suppose that could change.

    Let the Tilly lost the ship memes begin. Surely they could have learned from what happened to Troi in Generations?

    • I am not 100% clear on the cause for the Burn, were they just implying that Mr. Noodle grew up in a radioactive soup and that gave him the power to shout dilithum into exploding across the galaxy? So, he’s just a weird, low key dilithium based Black Bolt?

      If that’s what we are going with, then yes, that’s not a very satisfying reason.

    • I’m pretty sure Saru, or Burnham, or even Kirk or Picard would have lost the ship in those circumstances, too. When the enemy has inside information of that calibre and enough competence to use it, you’re pretty much hosed.

      Seems likely we’re about to see the payoff of at least one thing from earlier in the season. I’m hoping there’s more to the burn than a child’s fear response, though. Even a Mysterious Ancient Device™ malfunctioning or acting on what it thinks are orders would be better.

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