Netflix Announces (much of) the Sandman’s Cast

Netflix plans an ambitious series based on Gaiman’s legendary Sandman graphic novels, and today they announced some of the main cast. Some of the actors closely recall their print counterparts; others represent new takes. Tom Sturridge, the Tony-nominated actor also known for such films as the 2012 film adaptation of On the Road and 2017’s Mary Shelley has landed the challenging role of Dream.

No word yet on Death.

Fan choices being kicked around include Kat Dennings (who voiced her in the audio play) Aubrey Plaza, and, most obviously….

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    • I think he’s perfect for Burgess, who is pretty critical to the story. But you raise an interesting question. Will we see Constantine and some of the other more mainstream DC characters who appear in the graphic novel? And will they be played by familiar faces? Matt Ryan has played Constantine many times and could work here as well.

      • It’s been a while since I read them, but the Constantine part could easily be written so that it was a one-day-of-shooting kind of cameo side quest, couldn’t it?

        • Constantine has a relatively minor role, but I suspect it might require more than a day to shoot. It’s often difficult to tell, and some actors will work very long days if it means getting things done in short time..

          (Of course, he wouldn’t need to be involved in post-production, which would be considerable if they keep that sequence true to the book. That would be a sight).

          On another note, do you have someone in mind for Death? I’ve listed two popular choices. Plaza would have been perfect a decade ago, and could still do it.

  1. Plaza would be good, but she’s not exactly how I picture Death.

    That woman who played Polaris in The Gifted could pull it off, I bet. Or Fairuza Balk if we can get her from the mid-90s

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