My home Internet access has vanished once more. (It’s been up for a total of five hours in the past week. Grr.) Thankfully, my parents still have access to theirs, so here I am posting again!

First, the genre releases:

  • Alf – Season
    : This was another series that lasted three years.
  • An American
    Werewolf in London
    : This is the original cult classic, and not the
    “in Paris” remake/sequel from the 1990s.
  • Field of
    : I don’t recall if this is a new release or a rerelease,
    but it’s coming out this week.
  • Final Fantasy
    Unlimited Complete Collection
    : The entire series in one package,
    far more affordable than the previous sets. The Final Fantasy fan in
    me is seriously tempted.
  • The Ring Two
    (Unrated Widescreen Edition)
    : This may be the first unrated
    release of this title.
  • Swamp
    : The DC comics classic.
  • The Truman
    Show (Special Edition)
    : This is a two DVD set of the movie. This
    is another good sci-fi that could have been better with different
  • Wizard of Oz
    : This seems to be a package of all the adaptations of
    The Wizard of Oz that came before the Judy Garland version.
    In fact, I suspect the glut of adaptations is the main reason that
    version was a box office flop. I’ll pass on this release, and pick it
    up as a part of the three DVD collector’s box set due out on October
    25, which I’ve already preordered. (Save some money for that week;
    it’s also the week American Gothic and Looney Tunes
    Golden Collection Vol. 3
    come out.)

Now, the non-genre releases:

Finally, the pick of the week. Minority Report
(Single Disk)
: The two disk edition is being rereleased today, but
this may be the first release of the single disk set. This is also, I
think, a better package than A.I., although it still carries
many of the Kubrickian themes. It doesn’t have the style clash that
A.I. had to deal with, though.