The solicitations for November are out, and there are some nice looking items on it. UPDATED: The horribly wrong “weekly comics picks” title has been corrected.

DC Comics

  • All Star Superman #1: Grant Morrison and Frank Quietly
    are teamed up once again on this series of out-of-continuity and
    back-to-the-core stories about Superman.
  • Superman Secret Files 2005: No doubt intended for those
    unfamiliar with details of the character’s history to step in and
    catch up.
  • Infinite Crisis #2: The latest major event continues.
    When this is over, all DC titles will jump ahead a year in the “One
    Year Later” promotion, and a weekly 52 issue series will launch to
    tell the tale of what happened in between. That’s ambitious.
  • Green Lantern #7: This is a crossover with Infinite
    Crisis, guest starring Green Arrow.
  • Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #3: The mid-point in the
    miniseries about the reconstruction of the GL Corps.
  • Showcase Presents Jonah Hex Vol. 1: Another in this
    Essential-like line.
  • OMAC Project TP: This trade paperback will include
    Countdown to Infinite Crisis.
  • Day of Vengence TP: This TPB is another one that is based
    on the new miniseries.
  • MAD Kids #1: The first issue in a MAD magazine aimed
    specifically at ages 8-10.

Marvel Comics

  • Ultimates 2 #9: The current story arc continues. The
    mole should be revealed at this point.
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four #25: This is part two of the
    three part Tomb of Namor story.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #85 and 86: The “Warriors” storyline
    ends, and the “Silver Sable” storyline begins. (I always suspected
    that it was Silver Sable in Bendis’ first Ultimate X-Men
    story arc.)
  • Marvel Milestones: Ultimate Spider-Man 1/2, Ultimate X-Men
    1/2, Microman, and Mantor the Magician
    : Quite the ensemble. I’ll
    pick it up for the 1/2 issues, which were Wizard promotions, and the
    only Ultimate issues I don’t have or don’t have planned to pick up in
    TPB form.
  • Ultimate X-Men #65: The conclusion of Magnetic
    . There is also a TPB coming with vol. 12 of the series,
    which I plan to pick up.
  • Amazing/Spectacular/Friendly Neighborhood/Marvel Knights
    : The four title crossover continues. Once again, all
    entries have the same writer, but the title’s usual artists.
  • Marvel Must Haves: Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do
    : It’s finally happening. Kevin Smith has turned in his
    scripts for the rest of the series, and the artist is working on
    them. Rumour is that the series is now six issues instead of four or
    five, as previous solicitations indicated. This will be to allow
    people to get caught up on the series or to reclaim these issues if
    they’d sold them after waiting so long. It has been three years,
    after all.
  • Daredevil #79: Part 4 of 6 in the final Bendis/Maleev
  • Fantastic Four #533: This one guest stars the Hulk, under
    the pen of JMS.
  • New Avengers #13: This is part three of the three part
    Ronin storyline, so we know that we’ll learn who the last team member
    is by the end of this issue.
  • Pulse #12: One of the longest pregnancies we’ve ever seen
    is finally ending. (Why so long? Well, the solicitation says this
    will be the first child born in the post-House of M world.)
  • Sentinel 2 #1: This decent Sean McKeever title is getting
    a second chance. My review of the first 12 issues is LONG overdue.
  • She-Hulk 2 #2: Dan Slott won a lot of respect for this
    title, which sounds like basic superhero comedic fun.
  • Captain Universe: This is a five week event with the
    Captain Universe power bonding to five different individuals while
    setting up for a new Captain Universe miniseries.
  • Decimation: House of M: “The Day After” the House of M
  • Exiles #72 and 73: Parts 1 and 2 in a new chapter of the
    Worlds Tour arc.
  • X-Factor #1: A new series, with Peter David on the
    scripts. Should be interesting. There’s also a Visionaries
    TPB out this month with David’s first few issues on the original
  • Supreme Power: Hyperion and Supreme Power:
    continue in their respective story arcs.
  • Essential X-Factor Vol. 1 and Essential Marvel
    Two-In-One Vol. 1
    are the Essential volumes for this month. I’m
    definitely getting the X-Factor volume. The Two-In-One title is
    causing a little internal war. The parts of me that have no interest
    in the title and which are planning my buget are warring with the
    parts of me that want to review things for this site (even though I
    can’t seem to read Essentials as fast as they produce them) and the
    parts that want to collect things (as I currently own every Essential
    in print.)

Other Products

  • Penny Arcade Vol. 1: Attack of the Bacon Robots: Penny Arcade is one of the more
    commonly quoted comic strips I’ve seen online. Very amusing.
  • 40 Years of the Amazing Spider-Man DVD ROM: There’s an 11
    CD-Rom set already out, which I’m quite happy with. (I may even sell
    off the Essentials it covers. The same is true for my Uncanny
    and Fantastic Four volumes.) The DVD, unlike the
    CDs, is rumoured to include the Annuals, just as the Fantastic
    collection includes those annuals. These are PDF format
    scans of all the issues, up to a few months before the release of the
    media. (The Amazing Spider-Man CD-ROM set includes
    Amazing Fantasy #15 and Amazing Spider-Man #1-500.
    I’ve read up to and including issue 227, and will review the complete
    collection once I’ve read it all. I will probably have this DVD set
    by that time, though.) You can find this on the final page of the Previews order form.