Weekly Comics Discussion – August 31, 2005

This week’s shipping
includes a reprint of Serenity #1,
Green Lantern #4 (a series that I’m behind on
reviewing), Astonishing X-Men #12 (a series
I’ll review in TPB form for a while), Essential
X-Men Vol. 6
(one of the last Essentials I’ll get
for this series, as I’ll be getting the DVD-ROM
collection in October), New Avengers #9,
Supreme Power #18 (which wraps up the MAX
line issues, and which will be reviewed with issues 13
and up), as well as TPB versions of Ultimates 2
(similar in tone and quality to the first
round) and Strange: Beginnings and Endings (a
well written miniseries that updates an origin that
didn’t need updated.)

3 replies on “Weekly Comics Discussion – August 31, 2005”

    • So, so SHINY!

      Sweet! I hope I get my mits on it this time around!

      Well, they didn’t have the reprint yet…

      BUT they had special passes for an advanced screening, tomorrow!!!

      I’m a mite tad excited about that…
      : )

  1. .
    The Ultimate Spiderman Annual was great, the series has really impressed me since it’s inception. I’m glad Bendis has avoided some classic comic cliches like characters coming back from the dead. But I guess it’s still early :)

    Support the independents! Corey Lewis of http://www.reyyy.com has a new book coming out called Peng. His first published title, Sharknife, had some great art but the story was really random. I’m hoping this new title is a bit more fleshed out. At any rate I’m sure it’s more than worth the cover price :)

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