5 replies on “Michael Collins, R.I.P.”

  1. He is the first man to be more alone than any other human, when the command module was on the far side of the moon from the lander. It takes as much bravery and determination to man the command module alone as it did to land on the moon.

    So many of these brave men from the Apollo missions are being lost now. I hope we have more men and women on the moon again before they are all gone.

    • I’m hoping that will be the case. We have a universe to explore.

      (Though I suppose even new landings won’t convince the tinfoil hat set)

      • Sadly, there is one point in the favour of the tinfoil hat set: in 1968, it was easier to go to the moon than to fake that broadcast. That’s no longer true. Actual footage filmed on the moon is very easy to fake. The only way to convince them is to give them telescopes and time and have great weather so that the lunar launch vehicle never leaves the sight of members of their sect.

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