Robert Wise: Sept. 10, 1914 – Sept. 14, 2005

has passed away. Genre fans will know him as
the director of Star Trek: The Motion Picture
and The Day The Earth Stood Still. Our
mothers would likely know him as director of The
Sound of Music
and West Side Story. He
also directed The Andromeda Strain, 1963’s
The Haunting, Run Silent Run Deep,
The Set-Up, The Curse of the Cat
and many others. He served as an editor
for Orson Welles on Citizen Kane and The
Magnificent Ambersons
, and has a host of other
impressive credits. At age 91, this wasn’t a shock,
but it’s definitely a loss.

2 replies on “Robert Wise: Sept. 10, 1914 – Sept. 14, 2005”

  1. hmm…
    he really was a very talented man however i do have to point this out.

    this really isn’t his fault but it was done with his hands, and that is the butchering of magnificent ambersons. the studio wanted huge cuts to that film, to the extent of literally ripping out about an hour of footage and burning all the film so it couldn’t be reedited back in. though it wasn’t wise’s choice to do so, the job was left on his shoulders to do it (at the time the studio owned you so you really didn’t have the choice to refuse anyway).

    in any case, he was a brilliant editor and a great filmmaker. shame to see him go.

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