Weekly Comics Discussion – Wednesday, September 14, 2005

This week’s shipping
includes the paperback release of
Superman / Batman Vol. 2: Supergirl (which I
missed in the solicitations, so I probably won’t be
picking it up), Pulse #11, and Ultimate
X-Men #63
, which I’ll get in TPB form.

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  1. This weeks comics
    I admit that I don’t go to the comics store every Wednesday, I don’t have a pull list, and the whole thing is a bit haphazard. But i do have a few things I read. I have really enjoyed the new Green Lantern, Ethan van Scriver’s art is excellent despite the symbol imposition and the stories have bene excellent. The encounter with Hector Hammond is particularly delicious

    But the real joy has been Astro City: The Dark Ages. Busiek’s Astro City has always been one of the most interesting comics, because it’s really about the alternate reality far more than how Superdude busts up this month’s BadGuy. The characters are all sharply drawn and it the art is a bit soft in the pencilling, Astro City is always, always worth reading. This issue, where the brother’s antipathy to the Silver Agent is revealed, continues in this path.

  2. Bendis’ Powers?
    I’ve been thinking about picking up the TPBs of this for a little while now. Anybody read it? Is it worth it? I’ve gotten a good chunk of his Ultimate Spider-Man based on Fiziko’s reviews – I’m pretty happy with those – and I’m curious if this is as good/interesting.

    Also Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan (I only ask about this as I came across a complete collection on Ebay with cheap shipping to Canada). Is that Spider Jerusalem fellow any fun?

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