LA Serenity Premiere Sept 22 – Free Tickets Available

writes, Serenity is scheduled to have its Los
Angeles Premiere on September 22
, with the cast
and a galaxy of all-star guests. A half-dozen
two-guest tickets are now available over on the Universal
Serenity Movie Board “fan store”
, which recently
got stocked with posters, T-shirts and such. The
catch is, members must have previously earned 10,000
“points” from fan activities to “purchase” these
premiere tickets, and only a few dozen of the
Browncoats out of the 50,000+ registered have that
many points accumulated. I’m one of them (from
posting a Serenity banner ad on a relatively high
traffic website for months), and I’ve “ordered” a
premiere ticket. Unfortunately, I’m stuck in Alabama
that night. Any Bureau 42 fans willing to go in my
place in exchange for posting a review here? Let me
know, and the ticket is yours for free if I haven’t
already given it to somebody else in LA already.
Serenity is definitely well worth seeing even despite
the negative energy I’ve previously vented here at B42
about the Memphis preview showing…

4 replies on “LA Serenity Premiere Sept 22 – Free Tickets Available”

  1. Medium of exchange
    I see lots of nifty stuff there, but can you acquire any of it in exchange for a more universally-accepted medium? (i.e. can you just plain BUY a gorram t-shirt?)

    • Re: Medium of exchange
      I don’t think so. A look at the quantites available show they aren’t really expecting to “sell” a lot of stuff.

  2. Offer Closed
    OK, I’ve given my ticket away to somebody in Minnesota who’s headed to LA so my offer above is closed.

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