Ghost Whisperer Discussion – “Pilot”

One of two high profile genre shows that have not yet
launched this season, Ghost Whisperer stars
Jennifer Love Hewitt as someone who can communicate
with the dead. (The second genre show that hasn’t
started yet is The Night Stalker, which
premieres on Thursday, Sept. 29.)

One reply

  1. A little shmaltzy but not bad
    Unlike Medium she’s just a private individual not working for the police.

    I like her character better then the one in medium, who kinda gets on my nerves.

    Hopefully there is something more then her just helping a new spirit every week.

    I think a more interesting idea would be something like Necroscope. Where instead of trapped spirits wanting his help, the spirits help him since there dead and bored and he’s the only living person they can talk to.

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