Comic Review: Justice #1

DC will publish this 12-part series bimonthly over the next two years. Although the premise is unusual, this series may come closer than the All-Star comics to that line’s stated intent of presenting DC’s heroes at their most iconic. More importantly, Justice features Alex Ross’s incredible artwork. The first issue has been published with two different covers: the Justice League and the Legion of Doom.

Title: Justice #1

Writers: Jim Krueger and Alex Ross

Artist: Alex Ross and Doug Braithwaite.


Supervillains share a dream that the world will soon end, and the superheroes will be unable to prevent the destruction. This issue gives the story a memorable prologue, and an interesting look at Aquaman.

High Points

“Arthur? There’s a shark here for you.”

Buy this for Ross’s artwork. Whether he’s depicting apocalyptic disaster laying waste the world or the Cheetah* waking from a dream, this art brings a beguiling sense of reality to the world of the superhero.

Low Point

But it’s too late now. We gave it to the aliens and to the robots and to the myths that demanded with their presence that we believe in them. And bow to them. And trust them.

Ross’s realistic artwork and the story’s occasionally ponderous narrative, when juxtaposed with the comic world’s fantastic elements, can elevate the genre, but just as often can emphasize its inherent silliness.

The Scores

Originality: 4/6. The villains appear to have altruistic motives in this story. This has happened before, but the story puts a new spin on it. The line-up of villains recalls the Legion of Doom from the old Superfriends cartoons, but those goofball ‘toons never played like this.

Artwork: 6/6 Samples may be found here, but you have to look at this comic (or the inevitable trade paperback, but that won’t come for at least two more years) to appreciate it.

Story: 5/6. It’s difficult to rate part one of a 12-part series, but this looks like it might hold together far better than the most famous of DC’s 12-part series, from twenty years ago. I suspect we may also get some in-story suggestion why the superfolk aren’t more proactive in changing and shaping their world for the better. (the external reason is, of course, because then the DC Universe’s earth wouldn’t be much like ours, and this would alienate readers).

Characterization: 4/6 Perhaps this will develop. At present, it’s fairly average comic-book characterization.

Emotional response: 4/6

Flow 6/6.

Overall: 5/6

In total, Justice #1 receives a score of 34/42.

Additional Comments

We seems to be in current DC continuity, though some aspects reflect the Silver Age.

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*I’d originally said this was Selina Kyle, but apparently, I identified the wrong cat. Well, I’d wondered when Catwoman dyed her hair….