ST: Voyager, Season 8?

Well sort of. A group of fans, not satisfied with Voyager’s finale (who wasn’t?), have gotten together and have built a site with a planned 26 new episodes for Voyager and her crew.

The first story is due out June 20th. It’ll be interesting to read. Hopefully it’s better than most FanFic (gag, puke) out there.

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  1. The ST:V Show I Always Wanted To See…
    …was that the crew came across Wes from TNG, now that he’s out running around with the Traveller. He could have gotten word back to Starfleet of their plight when he visited Mom for xmas, maybe he could even have gotten them home a la Q – but would he want to? Is he still even human? And did he ever get laid?

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