Night Stalker Discussion – “Pilot”

The new version of The Night Stalker premiers tonight, starring Stuart Townsend as Kolchak. (The season premier of Smallville is also on tonight, but we’ll go with a review rather than discussion column. Expect that tomorrow morning.)

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  1. saw it a while back…
    before it aired on tv on a screener. it’s okay, not really much like the original though if you are wondering.

    so far i think kolchak needs some character development as there isn’t much to like about him, whereas the original kolchak was instantly likeable.

    i’ll watch a few more eps before holding final judgement…

  2. Did anybody see the ghost?
    Early in the pilot, there was a scene where Kolchak walks into a room saying “Good Morning”. Just as he approaches another man the scene cuts away. The other man was Darren McGavin. He had been pasted into the scene!! QUITE A SHOCK!! Great job!! Anybody else notice? Do I win a prize or something? LOL

    • Re: Did anybody see the ghost?
      I did notice. Did you see the Hat in the episode? Now I have watched the pilot
      again and being a long time Kolchak fan have an opinion.

      The new series is alright for todays television standards. This isn’t a fun
      show. This is serious supernatural crime stories program. Not bad, I like
      Perri Reed but I am sucker for Gabrielle Union anyway (Yum) Stuart
      Townsend has yet to really embrace the character as far as I am concerned.
      Now this is a comment after seeing all episodes up to today and the Pilot

      The 70’s series didn’t take anything too seriously or take anything too lightly
      for that matter, quite a tightrope act. If the original series had better
      production values it would be far superior to our modern day take.

      I will pontificate further on this…


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