The 4400 Renewed for a Third Season

USA has ordered a third season of The 4400, probably one of the more underreported series on our site. More info from

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    • Re: Season 2

      Was it a half season or a “summer season”, like Stargate and Battlestar?

      Shows on USA usually have 12-13 episode seasons. Season 1 of The 440 was only 5 episodes, more of a mini-series than anything, and Season 2 was the 12 episodes shown this past summer.

  1. Billy Campbell

    Cast members Billy Campbell, Joel Gretsch and Jacqueline McKenzie are all expected to return for the third season, the trade paper reported.

    Hidden for those who haven’t seen the second series..
    Didn’t Bill Campbell’s character die in the second series? Not that this means you can’t come back in Sci Fi?

    • Re: Billy Campbell
      Likewise filtered…

      Yes, but the last shot of the last episode in season 2 was Jordan Collier, alive but kinda messed up looking, standing on the shore of the lake where the 4400 appeared.

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