October has begun, and the floodgates have opened.
Look for many sets geared for Halloween, and some
others aiming for Christmas shopping. There are a lot
of genre picks this week.

First, the genre releases:

Now, the non-genre releases:

Finally, the pick of the week. Alfred
Hitchcock – The Masterpiece Collection
: This set
remastered editions of Saboteur, Shadow
of a Doubt
Rope (which is a great experimental film in
which Hitchcock
tried to go without a cut as long as possible,)
Rear Window
(one of my three favourite Hitchcock films, in which
challenged himself to make a movie shot entirely in a
location,) The Trouble With Harry (a comedy,
as the trouble
with Harry is that he’s dead but they just can’t seem
to leave him
buried,) The Man Who Knew Too Much (in its
1956 incarnation,
which may have made it the first sound film to be
remade by the same
filmmaker who remade the original,) Vertigo,
(another of my top three favourites,) The
(which we reviewed
some time ago,
and which is my least favourite Hitchcock so far),
Torn Curtain, Topaz,
Frenzy, and Family
. This set includes eight Hitchcock films I
haven’t seen,
and six that I have seen. I’m still picking it up, as
that price
makes it cheaper to replace the entire collection than
to pick up
those eight individual films. When you also consider
the upgraded
transfer on Rear Window, it’s an easy
decision to make.
Hitchcock was a fantastic filmmaker, and I just can’t
get enough of
his stuff. (When this arrives, I’ll own 44 of his 61