Monthly Comic Picks – December 2005

Below are the DC and Marvel Comics titles that stood
out for me. Feel free to contribute any that caught
your eye while flipping through the latest issue of

DC Comics

  • All Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder
    : The series
    continues, though Timeshredder assures us it is off to
    a shaky start.
    There’s also a special edition of issue #1 due.
  • Batman Illustrated by Neal Adams Vol. 3
    : This
    hardcover collection includes Batman 232, 234, 237,
    243-245, and
  • All Star Superman #2: Grant Morrison and
    Frank Quietly
    are putting this one together.
  • Lex Luthor: Man Of Steel: This is the TPB
    collection of
    the well-received limited series.
  • Superman/Batman #25: The end of the “With
    a Vengeance”
    arc. This hasn’t been reviewed in a while, but we’ll
    pick up again
    with the TPB collection of the Supergirl arc, also out
    this month,
    finally collected in a form less expensive than
  • Infinite Crisis #3: I’ll wait for the
    TPB, if I get it at
  • Green Lantern #7: Another title in which
    our reviews are
    way behind. The series is off to a decent, though not
    great start.
    Certainly nothing that was a followup to Green
  • Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #4: The six
    miniseries, which just kicked off, continues its
    monthly schedule.
  • Hard Time Season Two #1: The first set
    was very well
  • Golden Age Hawkman Archives Vol. 1: I
    can’t justify
    spending that much, but I’m certainly interested in
    most of these
  • Showcase Presents: Justice League of America
    Vol. 1
    : This
    is one I’m definitely picking up. I’m quite impressed
    with the page
    quality of the Green Lantern and Superman collections
    I bought this
    week, and look forward to grabbing the volumes for the
    titles. As with the others in the line, it picks up
    with the Silver
    Age incarnations, so we have some oddball issue
  • Rann/Thanagar War TPB: This collections
    the entire
  • Villains United TPB: Again, collecting
    the miniseries.

Marvel Comics

  • Ultimate Fantastic Four #26: The third
    part of the “Tomb
    of Namor” series.
  • Ultimate Iron Man #5 (of 5): I’m waiting
    for the
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #87 and 88: The
    Silver Sable arc
    continues. I’ll have switched back to issues for this
    title by this
  • Ultimate X-Men / Fantastic Four: A
    crossover in two
    parts, with Ultimate Fantastic Four / X-Men
    finishing the
    series in January.
  • Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #1: You knew
    it was a matter
    of time, given the history of these two in the main
    Marvel Universe.
    This is written by Alias co-creator Damon
    Lindelof. That’s
    the Alias TV series, and not the Brian
    Michael Bendis
  • Spider-Man: The Other continues in
    Neighbourhood Spider-Man
    , Marvel Knights
    , and
    Amazing Spider-Man, with J. Michael
    Straczynski taking his
    turn to write all three. In January, the 12 part
    series will wrap up,
    and I might actually consider collecting Peter David’s
    FNSM or JMS’
  • Spider-Man / Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do
    #4 and 5
    : It
    took a few years, but it sounds like the series will
    actually end.
    (The solicition text even starts off with “The wait is
    over! Finally!
    No, really.”) The Marvel Must-Haves edition of the
    first three
    issues is due in November, so you’ll be able to catch
    up if needed.
    The first three issues were quite good.
  • Arana #12: The series marches on. I
    haven’t been reading
    it, and don’t really know what it’s about, but Bureau
    42 readers have
    asked for updates on it before, so here they are
  • Daredevil #80: The second-last issue by
    Bendis and Maleev
    is due in December. I’ll get the TPB.
  • Fantastic Four Special: Dr. Doom and Reed
    Richards in a
    subtle battle of wits over dinner. It could be a
    decent issue, but it
    needs a great set-up to keep them from all-out combat
    as soon as they
    see each other. We also need to know how Doom is
    there, as opposed to
    being in Hell, where he was last seen. Perhaps this
    is set in
    flashback, which might just smooth over all of those
  • New Avengers #14: This is the first of
    two parts that
    centre on Spider-Woman. Still written by Bendis, with
    art by Frank
  • Spider-Woman: Origin #1 (of 6): Bendis
    co-writes with
    Brian Reed, with art by Jonathan Luna.
  • She-Hulk #3: This is She-Hulk’s 100th
    solo issue, with
    very good reviews for Dan Slott’s work. Certainly
    worth checking
  • The What If event due in December has
    issues based on
    Captain America, Daredevil, Fantastic Four,
    Sub-Mariner, Thor, and
    Wolverine. That’s six issues, perfect for a TPB in the
  • Young Avengers Special #1: Instead of a
    regular issue,
    the writers from The Pulse are doing a
    special digging up the
    origins of these characters.
  • Exiles #74: This wraps up the World Tour
    story arc. I
    won’t have a chance to switch back to issues by this
  • Uncanny X-Men #467: Thanks to the 40
    Years of
    DVD-ROM (rumoured to be released next
    week), I’ll have a
    chance to own all issues of this title, so I’ve
    already added it to my
    pull list.
  • X-Factor #2: Peter David is back on the
  • Supreme Power: Nighthawk #4 (of 6): The
    miniseries continues,
    introducing the Supremeverse version of the
  • Supreme Power: Hyperion #4 (of 5): JMS
    continues his run
    on this title, with some interesting enemies within.
    I like his take
    on the Lex Luthor parallel.
  • The Book of Lost Souls #3: JMS is writing
    his own series
    for ICON. I think this is one for the TPB
  • Fantastic Four by J. Michael Straczynski:
    Rather than
    wait for 12 issues as usual, the first six issues of
    the JMS run are
    being collected in hardcover for this December.
  • Ultimate Galactus Book 2: Secret: This is
    one I’m getting
    in TPB form.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 14: Warriors:
    This TPB will get
    me all caught up and back onto monthly issues. Now if
    I could only
    get my reviews caught up…
  • Essential Spider-Woman Vol. 1: December
    seems to be
    Spider-Woman month.