This week looks to have the poorest offerings between
now and Christmas. This week’s dilemma was choosing
something I’d call a pick of the week, as nothing
really stood out. Starting next week and running
until January, I’ll need to put serious thought into
which contenders will not be the final pick
of the week. Some highlights of the next few months
are listed below.

First, the genre releases:

Now, the non-genre releases:

  • Arrested
    Development – Season Two
    : This is a deeply twisted
    show. Perhaps
    that’s why it’s so funny.
  • BB
    King Blues
    : How do you go wrong with BB King?
  • Cool
    : One of those classics that I have yet to
  • Fresh
    of Bel-Air – Season Two
    : This was good in its day.
    Not great, but
  • A
    Love Song
    for Bobby Long
    : I’ve been very impressed with
    Scarlett Johansson
    so far. Travolta’s resume shows a willingness to take
    risks in order
    to try something new, which has left him with some
    great films and
    some real stinkers. I haven’t seen this, but I’m
    willing to give it a
  • McLintock:
    A well respected Western. At the moment, I think the
    western is the
    only genre not represented in my DVD collection. I’ve
    been tempted to
    overcome my lack of interest for the sake of having a
    more complete
    library, so I’m willing to listen to suggestions
    people have.
  • Sisterhood
    the Travelling Pants
    : A teen girl movie that was
    fairly well
  • Soap
    – The
    Complete Fourth Season
    : The final season of the
    great comedy is
    now available on DVD.
  • South
    Park –
    The Complete Sixth Season
    : I’ve tried to watch
    this, but it just
    doesn’t amuse me. If you like it, then there’s more
    available to
  • Super
    : For the McDonald’s lovers on your Christmas
  • Unleashed:
    Many Jet Li fans enjoyed it. The trailers didn’t make
    it appeal to me
    at all.
  • Veronica
    – The Complete First Season
    : This show from UPN
    was very well
    received by critics and by the few people who watched
    it. I’d like to
    give it a shot some time. It’s been described to me
    as a show with
    Smallville‘s Chloe Sullivan in a perfectly
    normal urban

Finally, the pick of the week. If you must go
shopping this week, go with
Soap, the parody of soap operas in a sitcom
format. Feel
free to wait until next week, though, with Batman
The Twilight Zone – Season Four,
Adventures of Superman –
Season One
, or He-Man and the Masters of the
Universe –
Season One, Part One.
In two weeks, there will
also be
American Gothic, Looney Tunes Golden
Vol. 3
, a newer deluxe edition of The Wizard
of Oz
, and
more to pick from. There’s something major coming
every week between
now and Christmas, right down to the second season of
the new Battlestar
on December 20.