“Wallace and Gromit – Curse of the Were-Rabbit” Top Box Office

Corpse Bride drops slightly to . Oh, and Serenity
plummets to 9th. Ouch.
UPDATED by fiziko: Title typo and potential RSS
confusion have been adjusted, as recommended by chad
in the comments below.

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  1. Title Misspelling & Ampersands

    The title has a misspelling—it is Gromit, not Gommit.

    Second, whenever an un-escaped ampersand is in the title, strict RSS readers have a fit and refuse to process the headline file at all. I don’t know if bureau42 allows the use of & in the titles, but I suggest using either that or the word “and” instead of an ampersand. Note that I used & in the title of this comment.

  2. Have to be a fan
    Probably the most honest review of Serenity I’ve read from the viewpoint of someone who’s never seen the show:


    He makes valid points and highlights why this hasn’t caught on as much as we were all hoping. After seeing it I felt the movie was a gift to all us fans, and for that I’ll forever be greatful.

    • Re: Have to be a fan
      …just wait and see how many DVDs the thing sells. I know I’m getting two. Ok, one’s for a friend, but still.

      To me the good news is that there probably won’t be a sequel/prequel.

      Also this has nothing to do with Wallace and Gromit. Which are funny enough but I just can’t. take. claymation. It annoys me.

      I do like Wensleydale though.

      • Re: Have to be a fan
        I agree on the claymation thing. The only time I’ve enjoyed claymation was when it didn’t take itself too seriously. Like the Mad TV or SNL sketches.

        • Re: Have to be a fan
          I don’t know why I don’t like it – I appreciate the effort and talent, I just can’t watch it. It can be funny, great story, great script, great voice-acting, but it’ll still bug me.

          That and opera. I just can’t listen to that stuff despite the tremendous talent required.

  3. FIRE!
    Monday Oct 10, 2005

    BRISTOL, England — The company behind the new “Wallace and Gromit” film said Monday its “entire history” has been destroyed in a fire at a warehouse containing props and sets.

    The roof and three interior walls of the Aardman Animations building in Bristol, west England collapsed after the blaze tore through the Victorian building, fire officials said

    The fire broke out at about 5:30 a.m. (0430 GMT), with flames reaching 100 feet into the air. The cause of the blaze was being investigated.

    A spokesman for Aardman said the building housed props and sets from the company’s history, including its first three “Wallace and Gromit” films.

    No one was in the building when…

    URL is as follows:

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