This week’s shipping
includes Essential Spider-Man Vol. 7
and Essential Werewolf by Night Vol. 1, which
are the only two items I’ll be taking home this week.
(I won’t be ordering further volumes of Essential
Amazing Spider-Man
, Essential Fantastic
or Essential X-Men, either, thanks
to the DVD-ROM versions.) Other items of note include
Exiles #71, the first issue of Peter David’s
Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man (which
kicks off the 12 part “The Other” storyline, which
will run through all three Spider-Man titles until
January, and which has a single writer handling all
three titles for the first month), House of M
, Ghost Rider #2 (along with a
“Director’s Cut” edition of Ghost Rider #1),
Ultimate X-Men #64, the Green Lantern
hardcover (which I do recommend but
haven’t reviewed yet), Infinite Crisis #1,
and the Astro City: Local Heroes TPB.