Bureau’s Breakroom’s Television Table – Week beginning 2022 February 20

Peacemaker did a great job of holding up the DC shows, but now that his season is finished the CW shows return.  Superman and Lois celebrate a quinceañera.  Naomi gets romantic while Dee gets zen.  The Legends help Gideon fights herself.  Batwoman and crew plan to deal with their big bad while Poison Mary plans to make amends.  Raised by Wolves has Marcus and his flowers playing Indiana Jones to discover a new temple.  Star Trek doesn’t give us a description.  Blacklist gets into 5G.

[All synopses (and titles) from Trakt.tv below the cut, except when there really aren’t any. (If a show’s synopsis is a spoiler to you, do not click Continue reading →)]

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir – S04E22 – Kuro Neko – Ladybug manages to assemble an amazing team of superheroes now that she is Guardian of the Miraculous, but Cat Noir is feeling left out and decides to give up his Miraculous. Ladybug now needs to deliver the Cat Miraculous to someone else.

Superman & Lois – S02E05 – Girl… You’ll Be A Woman, Soon – Lana, Kyle and Sarah prepare for Sarah’s quinceañera, but things don’t end up going as smoothly as they had hoped. Clark finds himself struggling with feelings of guilt about what happened to John Irons and Lois worries that she might have been wrong about Ally. Meanwhile, Jonathan learns that Ret. General Samuel Lane is planning to train Jordan. Lastly, Chrissy goes searching for the truth about Lois.

Naomi – S01E05 – Shadow Ridge – With Naomi still shaken by her terrifying encounter with the bounty hunter, Dee continues training her on controlling her thoughts and emotions and, therefore, her powers. Meanwhile, as Naomi and Nathan rekindle their romance, the class sets off on an exciting week-long camping excursion.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – S07E12 Too Legit to QuitWith Gideon hurt, the Legends only have one way to save her. Once Evil Gideon is active, she continues to try to destroy the Legends, until Gideon reminds her of a certain protocol she must follow. Trying to help, Gideon negotiates a deal to save the Legends but to get them to agree, she breaks a major rule. Meanwhile, the Legends come up with another plan that could potentially solve all their problems.

Batwoman – S03E12 – We’re All Mad Here – Ryan, Sophie and Jada come together to formulate a plan to stop Marquis, while Mary seeks to make amends for the harm she did as Poison Ivy. Meanwhile, Alice continues to spiral out of control and contend with her mental demons.

Raised by Wolves – S02E05 – King – Mother struggles to keep the collective from falling apart as she struggles to lead while Sue resorts to prayer in her desperation to cure Paul. Meanwhile, Marcus and his followers are given new hope as they discover an ancient temple. But as Marcus investigates the temple’s secrets, Decima and the rest of his followers are made to answer for their sins.

Star Trek: Discovery – S04E10 – Episode 10 – [No Description Giving]

The Blacklist – S09E10 – Arcane Wireless – The task force’s investigation into Arcane Wireless, an untraceable cellular network for criminals, leads to unexpected consequences. Red races against the clock to get a colleague out of trouble.

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  1. Watching Superman, watching Sarah come out dressed for her quinceañera… I forgot it was her quinceañera. I 100% believed she was an older sister and had forgotten that this character was supposed to only be turning 15. (The actress is about to turn 21, in case you are curious.)

    • It is a bit hard to remember that detail, isn’t it? Of course, there are practical considerations that lead to casting mature adults as teenagers, but the CW does seem to really lean into the World’s Oldest Teenager trope.

      Then again, I went to school with a couple of 15 year olds that could easily have passed for mid 20s with minimal effort.

  2. I plan to post some multi-ep reviews.
    It’s not just Superman that leans to heavily into CW-type drama (I mean, apart from the world’s oldest teenagers). Discovery finally discovers itself, only to have this season get bogged down in excessive touch-feely. The flashbackstory to Tarka and his relationship? Excellent. Powerful. Well-written. Stop there for this week. Nope… we have to get at least three other relationship stories that bog down an interesting plot. I realize they’re trying to escape the show’s past; TOS featured characters who either never had relationships or hopped in and out of them. But it’s amusing and instructive to imagine the current story arc happening under Kirk’s watch. The arc would have long resolved.

    Discovery needs to think about balance.

    • While the “I’m a dad now” part of Stamets and Adira feels really weird, I love the reset of it. It leans heavily into the ‘leftist propaganda’ feelings, but I enjoy seeing the infinity diversity, and I enjoy seeing it portrayed well.

      (Except the Stamets/Adira thing. Why do you suddenly seem to think you’re their dad? It’s cute and all, but I need some reason, like Adira lost their entire family and Paul finds out that Adira is his great-great-…-great-nephew or something.)

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