Ghostbusters III – DOA

It’s officially kaput based on word from Dan Akroyd according to SciFi Wire.

Apparently Bill Murray, who owns 1/5 of the license rights, just doesn’t want to do it. After GB2, I can’t really blame him, but a quick scan of Murray’s filmography in IMDB shows that the last hot thing that had his name on it was 1993’s Groundhog’s Day (ironically written & directed by GB co-scribe Harold Ramis). Maybe you’re being a bit too picky Bill?

2 replies on “Ghostbusters III – DOA”

  1. What the hell!!!
    This stuff sucks!

    The firt movie was good.

    The second, well…

    I like Bill Murray, but closing the doors on a sequel that had an Akroid’s script is something really stupid.

  2. uh…rushmore
    sorry, i don’t know the numbers on rushmore, but it was a great murray flick regardless of who saw it…and as bad as charlie’s angels was, i think it made decent bank…

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