She-Hulk Trailer!

The She-Hulk finally joins the MCU this coming August. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law will definitely have a comic tone as it follows the adventures of Jennifer Walters, superhero and public face of her firm’s metahuman law division.

Warning: this is the trailer on YouTube, so you should probably avoid reading the comments.

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    • Why? I mean, Marvel has had its share of hits and misses lately, and so I will wait and see. I don’t see any problem with it from the trailer, however, and Tatiana Maslany rocked Orphan Black.

    • I think the show is set to be entertaining, but the trailer seems off. It reminds me of some of those Disney classics that were recut as a horror movie. What what I know of the comics and they way I hear about it elsewhere, I expect the show to have a less ‘Avengers Endgame’ tone and more of a Felicity or Ally McBeal or something along those lines, just Marvel flavored. (I say that, but I didn’t watch either of those shows.)

      Regardless, I am looking forward to it.

      • She-H has a long and varied history. The first series treated her as a superhero with a slight edge. Her second and more successful run in comics played up the humor. She has also been a member of the Avengers and the Fantastic Four– the latter when Ben Grimm took a hiatus from the group. Of course, the characters in the MCU do not perfectly align with the source material, but it seems clear they’re going to play up the She-Hulk’s humor in this version, while still show her superheroing and lawyering. That mixed tone (think Buffy, I suppose) can be difficult to communicate in a trailer. I remain optimistic, even though I likely won’t see it until a few months later (we tend to rotate streaming services).

        I’ve heard that Matt Murdoch will be turning up at some point, though I cannot confirm if that is so.

  1. The neckbeards on Reddit have already declared it to be a failure, which is expected and yet disappointing.

    I’m hoping the CGI isn’t final. That’s about my only complaint about it. Otherwise, it looks like fun.

    And bonus points if they slide in a “Snu-snu” joke.

    • The CGI in the trailer was awful.

      I agree that it had the feel of a “Large Green Ally McBeal” show.

      • Ah! I just assumed it was incomplete, since the show’s in post-production and the other Disney+ shows have had high production values.

        Death by snu-snu? It’s the sort of gag they’d slip into She-Hulk.

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