Supernatural Discussion – “Bugs”

Kim Manners, the most prolific director of The
, directs tonight’s episode. Right now,
this is the only new genre show I’m aware of on
Tuesday nights, but Threshold will be moving
to Tuesdays with its next new episode on November 22.

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  1. It was an episode
    That’s really all I can say. The X-files influence was strong, but I thought the FotW (or in this case, curse) was weak.

    Sam’s relationship with their Dad seemed to get a bit of an overhaul – I know he seemed surprised in “Phantom Traveller” that his Dad spoke about him, but a complete I’m-not-talking-to-you relationship seems out of place in a family that risks death as regularly as they do. They really have to advance the Dad sub-plot, and not just through little bits and pieces – they need a complete episode devoted to it or else it’s going to become a bit of a joke.

  2. Short Night
    Am I the only one who thought that nighttime was really short. I really didn’t expect daytime to happen.

    I was actaully thinking the only way out was going to be for the Native American they met to show up and do something to remove the curse.

    That was the shortest night ever.

  3. Loving the show
    I started Tivoing the show a few weeks back and I’m loving it. The music is great (70s and 80s rock), and the stories have been fantastic. Definitely has that Ghostbusters meets X-Files thing going. Good stuff.

    The Dad stuff (or lack thereof) really doesn’t bother me. But I missed the first few episodes so maybe it’s meant to be more part of the show than I’ve seen. I know they’re looking for him, but that’s about it.

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