This week’s shipping
has only one item I’ll be taking home, namely
Pulse #12. (Incidentally, Brian Michael
Bendis has announced that issue #14 will be his last
on the title. No word on who will replace him, or
even if the series will continue.) Other noteworthy
items include 100 Bullets #66, the first
issue of a Danger Girl miniseries, DMZ
, Infinite Crisis #2, JMS’ Book of
Lost Souls #2
, Captiain Universe
, Decimation: House of M: The Day
, Drax the Destroyer #3 (a series
which is getting great reviews but less than
spectacular sales), Exiles #72, the
Fantastic Four Wedding Special, Friendly
Neighbourhood Spider-Man #2
(continuing “The
Other”), and New Excalibur #1.