Amazon will not renew Paper Girls

Despite decent ratings and generally positive reviews and audience response, Amazon will not be renewing Paper Girls. The series, based on the acclaimed graphic novel, featured a solid cast and stayed true to the spirit, at least, of its source material.

The series is currently shopping for a new home.

I find the decision particularly disappointing, given that I was underwhelmed by Season Four of Stranger Things. Amazon clearly intended this to be their answer to the breakaway SF/80s nostalgia series, though it remains worth mentioning that Paper Girls, the graphic novel, predates Stranger Things. It takes a more nuanced and critical approach to nostalgia but featured more bizarre and over-the-top SF flourishes.

Batgirl sends her sympathies.

In the end, I suspect the show did not get the super-ratings they needed to justify the budget that would have been required to continue with the story, which, in the source, takes them to the distant past and a few distant futures. Amazon also relies heavily on word-of-mouth-and-web, which does not consistently work. Money might be tight, given how much they’ve had to put into Rings of Power.