2 replies on “A Study in Scarlet, Part 1, Chapter 4”

  1. The Computer Generated reading is better than not getting the story, though the dialect is difficult to follow when the sentences run on the way the night watch officer does.

    Also, is that how you pronounce “Lestrade”?

    • I’m learning that I should do more manual edits, adding commas where there aren’t any for force pauses, possibly replacing “Lestrade” with “Lestrahd” to make it sound right, etc. There was a spot in chapter 3 where I should have replaced “read” with “red” to make sure it sounded like the past tense.

      I’ve generated over half of book 24, with the intention of listening along with the other listeners, so it’ll be book 25 before I start fine tuning things like that.

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