Supernatural Discussion – “Asylum”

The boys will be let into the asylum, but if they tell
people why they’re there, they may not be allowed to

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    • Re: “You’re hurting my arm!”

      They have that “creepy” thing down!

      Yeah, this is probably the best episode for that so far – it’s keeping me on the edge of my seat (with the odd checking behind me for evil ghosts/spirits/monsters), and I literally jumped when Sam encountered the Doctor.

      I think my high point was the discussion of which psychic was hottest though – it made me laugh pretty hard.

  1. Live action Silent Hill?
    I agree, it was probably my favorite episode so far. And it reminded me a heck of a lot of the atmosphere of the Silent Hill games. A haunted/abandoned asylum is about as scary as it gets (next to a haunted/abandoned prison).

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