Weekly Comics Discussion – November 23, 2005

The shipping
lists are out
, and my picks are below in a more
readable format than previous weeks. The newest
volume of Previews also ships this week, so
expect my monthly picks to follow this weekend.

DC Comics

  • I Can’t Believe It’s Not The Justice
    : a followup
    series to Formerly Known As The Justice
    collected in
    TPB form.
  • Y The Last Man Vol. 6: Girl On Girl:
    Another TPB
    collection from a well reviewed series I haven’t
    checked out yet.

Marvel Comics

  • Amazing Spider-Man #526: “The Other”
    marches on, with a
    wide variety of variant covers, many of which feature
    Ben Reilly or
    the Scarlet Spider.
  • Daredevil #79: The last story arc by
    Bendis and Maleev
    continues to develop. I’ll get this in TPB form in a
    few months.
  • She-Hulk 2 #2: Dan Slott’s very well
    received series
    isn’t selling in fantastic numbers, but the word of
    mouth is almost
    universally positive. It sounds like it’s a good,
    old-fashioned fun
    comic book.
  • Ultimate X-Men #65: This conclusion to
    “Magnetic North”
    (collected in TPB in February) is in a flip-book
    format, including the
    second part of the Ultimate Vision miniseries
    that began with
    last week’s Ultimate Spider-Man #86. There
    are currently no
    plans to collect Ultimate Vision in TPB form,
    so it may be
    worth picking up. (I was planning on switching back
    to the issues
    with UXM #66, which starts a new storyline, but then I
    realized that
    this story would be the only Ultimate story I don’t
    have, so I’m
    picking it up an issue early.)
  • Uncanny X-Men #466 is the other issue
    I’ll be picking up
  • X-Factor Visionaries: Peter David Vol. 1:
    Had I been
    collecting according to creative teams back in junior
    high, I’d have
    picked this up. Instead, I collected by character, so
    I dropped this
    title the issue before Peter David took over,
    transforming the team
    from a reunion of the original X-Men into a collection
    of misfits
    played for comedy.