Monthly Comics Picks – February, 2006

Below are the titles that caught my eye for February,
2006, as listed in the issue of Previews that just
shipped on Wednesday (though I used electronic
editions to make the choices.)

As you can probably tell, I’ve always been more of a
Marvel reader
than DC. Should I look into getting someone else to
do the DC picks?
I’m not really familiar enough with the universe to
pick through the
less known heroes for the good stuff there.

DC Comics

  • Batman: War Crimes TPB – This collects the recent
  • Superman #226, Adventures of Superman #649, and
    Action Comics #836
    – These are all written by Joe Kelly, and form a “This
    Is Your Life,
    Superman” set of stories.
  • Supergirl – The solicitation text says that
    “Superman has to
    stop Supergirl – even if that means the most
    unexpected death of all!
    Don’t miss this special issue – guest starring Batman
    and Wonder
    Woman!” DC has also announced that Wonder Woman’s
    title will end with
    issue #226. Could that be the “most unexpected”
  • Infinite Crisis #5 – If you’re interested in DC at
    all, you’ve
    probably heard of this title already.
  • Rann/Thanagar War: Infinite Crisis Special – a
    tie-in to the other
  • Green Lantern #9 – Johns and Van Sciver continue
    their run, with
    GL heading to Gotham.
  • Showcase Presents: House of Mystery Vol. 1 – 552
    pages, black and
    white, for $16.99 US.
  • Wonder Woman #226 – The final issue of the

Marvel Comics

  • Ultimate Extinction #2 (of 5) – The final portion
    of the Ultimate
    Gah Lak Tus story continues.
  • Ultimate Fantastic Four #27 – Reed decides to go
    back in time and
    fix the transporter accident that created the FF
    before it happens.
    It’s part one of the “President Thor” story arc.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man #90 – This completes the
    “Silver Sable” story
  • Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk #2 (of 6) – Lindelof
    and Yu continue
    the series, which seems to be solicited on a
    bi-monthly basis.
  • Ultimate X-Men #67 – Part two of the three part
    “Date Night”
  • Amazing Spider-Man #529 – Tony Stark gives Peter
    Parker a new
    Spider-Man outfit following “The Other.” And people
    complained when
    they gave him organic webshooters and boosted his
    spider sense…
  • Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man #5 – Peter
    David’s first issues
    that stands apart from “The Other.” It’s a one-shot
    titled “Weblog”
    that follows Spider-Man’s career from the perspective
    of a woman who
    is convinced he’s stalking her. This could be very
  • Daredevil #82 – This is the first issue for the
    new creative team
    of Ed Brubaker (writer) and Michael Lark (penciller).
    It’s an
    extra-long issue at the regular price.
  • Fury: Peacemaker #1 (of 6) – Nick Fury gets the
    “Origin” treatment
    from writer Garth Ennis and penciller Darick
  • Saga of Squadron Supreme – This seems to be a 48
    page summary of
    the first 18 issues, likely designed as a way to fill
    in the gaps for
    those not old enough to have the MAX issues but who
    want to follow the
    Marvel Knights version. There’s also a preview of
    said Marvel Knights
    version in this issue.
  • I (Heart) Marvel line – There are a series of
    one-shots out in
    February to tie in with Valentine’s Day.
  • Marvel Romance Redux: But He Said He Loved Me #1
    (of 5) – Another
    Valentine’s Day tie-in, but not a one-shot.
  • Fantastic Four #535 – The Thing and the Hulk
    continue to duke it
    out in Las Vegas.
  • Marvel Spotlight: Joss Whedon / Michael Lark –
    This seems to be a
    showcase on the creators rather than the work. I’m
    curious, but not
    enough to order it.
  • New Avengers #16 – This is a prologue to the story
    arc, rather
    than a part of the story arc. How decompressed is
    Bendis getting,
    anyway? The solicitation text does end on an
    interesting note,
    though, claiming to show Alpha Flight in their final
  • Thing #4 – This series is getting great reviews.
    It may be worth
    a look.
  • Astonishing X-Men #13 – Joss Whedon and John
    Cassaday are back for
    12 more issues. I’m behind in reviewing issues #7-12,
    but that’s
    because they just aren’t as good as #1-6. They’re
    got, but not
    fantastic, or even astonishing.
  • Exiles #77 – The World Tour keeps going.
  • Uncanny X-Men #469 and 470 – I’ll be getting these
    mainly because
    I’ll be picking up the “40 Years of Uncanny X-Men”
    DVD-Rom, and
    realize that I could easily own every issue of the
    title ever
    published in one form or another. (I’m already there
    Fantastic Four, thanks to that DVD.)
  • X-Men: The End – Men and X-Men #2 (of 6) – This
    will be the final
    portion of this “The End” title.
  • Supreme Power: Nighthawk (of 6) – This title is
    shaping up to
    be considerably better than the Doctor Spectrum title.
  • The Book of Lost Souls #5 – J. Michael
    Straczynski’s ICON title.
    I’ll be looking for the TPB form for this one.
  • Ultimate X-Men Vol 13: Magnetic North TPB – I’ll
    be picking this
    up, at which point I’ll be able to read the issues of
    this title I
    have lying around.
  • House Of M TPB – Collecting the event that has had
    an impact on
    the X-Men titles. Most mutants in the world lost
    their powers, though
    most of the X-Men kept theirs, and yet they say that
    those who still
    have powers seem to be “completely random.” There are
    198 mutants
    left in the world, which is where the title of that
    miniseries came
    from. The House of M tie-in series are also being
    solicited this
  • Exiles Vol. 12: World Tour Part 1 – This will get
    me caught up on
    that series.
  • Essential Moon Knight Vol. 1 – The first Essential
    in a long time
    that I’m not picking up. I’ve realized that I’ll just
    never find time
    to read them all, so I’m going to get pickier when I
    order them.
  • Essential Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man
    Vol. 2 – This
    one I will pick up.

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